Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What to consider before choosing a house plan

Are you thinking of building your house and is wondering where to begin? Trust me you are not alone. Choosing the house plan for your dream house (you have always thought of having) that meets your lifestyle and family needs may seem time consuming and overwhelming. But, knowing what to look for can help you in deciding the house plan for your new house. Here is a little help:

What is your budget?

Before you even think of any house plan, ask yourself how much money do I have to spend on the new house? This will dictate on the architectural design to choose and what building materials to use in the construction. You can also do a survey of the costs of building materials and where you can get them at a fair price. It is also important to choose building materials which will last long and withstand weather conditions prevailing where you are constructing.

What is your family lifestyle and needs?

Lifestyle and family needs differ from families depending on their stage in life and future plans. A newlywed couple who plan to have two kids and another newlywed couple who plan not to have any kids have different architectural needs. You should also think of what features do you want in your house? Which room do you spend most of your time? And what activities do you enjoy doing in the house mostly? This will guide you in selecting the right design that suits such needs.

What furnishings and aesthetics do you like for your house?

Will the new floor design of your new home accommodate your furniture arrangements and style? You need to know the dimensions of your furniture and other furnishings in order to consider the size of the living room or kitchen and how much traffic you will have in these rooms.

How much privacy do you need and where do you need it?

Some home owners prefer plans with more privacy in the master bedroom with personal living spaces, while others may prefer to have privacy in the home office. Some prefer to have a separate living room to entertain visitors and a separate one for the family, while others prefer to one for both functionalities. Whatever your preference all this will determine the architectural plan to choose.

Once you have answered this questions you can seek advice of a qualified architecture and an interior designer who will be guided by the needs and preferences you have identified.

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