Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How to keep a clean garden

Maintaining a clean garden is no easy task because you need to maintain plants despite the seasonal changes in the environment; and the need to plan and organize the space in your garden.
The foremost tip is to have a passion for your garden. Walk through your garden daily and admire your work as you look out for diseases and pests attacking your plants.
It’s important to weed your garden to ensure you remove all unwanted plants and keep your garden fresh and clean. Fill in empty spots in the garden to keep away weeds.
To keep your always green year round, ensure you plant seasonal plants so that you have green and bloom all year round. Keep your garden looking good by pruning to remove spent blooms and dead leaves.
Keep your plants moistened by mulching to retain moisture in summer and warm winter; this also helps to suppress the weeds.
Add some brightness and dramatic effect to your garden by planting your flowers and plants in unique containers. This is very ideal because you can move your plants around the garden to the spot you want.
Get a camera get shots from your garden which you can enjoy even when the plants are out of season. Enjoy your gardening!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Painting your old furniture

Wood furniture can last long if taken care of properly. Imagine you have received vintage old furniture that was passed down from your great grandmother but the colour and shade does not blend with your d├ęcor yet you can’t just throw it. The easy solution is to paint it.
Don’t worry about looking for a professional painter to help you out; you can do it yourself by following some simple tips:
Preparation- Like any other painting job, you need proper preparation to avoid a marred-finished look on your furniture. Sand and clean your furniture then spread newspaper on the floor to avoid unwanted stains.
Apply primer- For best results in painting; you first need to apply an oil based primer before applying any paint.
Paint- You may opt to use a roller rather than a brush because rollers allow paint to stick better than a brush. Use a roller to apply paint, taking different coats until you get the desired colour ad effect.
Drying- Allow paint to dry before finding its place in your house. Don’t be discouraged if for the first time you do not get the desired effect, each time you do it you get better results.
Remember to always use large strokes for large flat surfaces in order to get a smooth glossy finish. Always paint in a well aired and ventilated area to avoid inhaling the toxins from the paint.
For best wood paint brands: Benjamin Moore® and Sherwin Williams®, Glidden®, Behr®, or Dutch Boy®,  GreenSure, by Sherwin Williams.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Eco-friendly construction blocks

With so many choices of building materials and house component parts today, it is important to know which is the best for remodeling and constructing your house. Cost safety, and durability are the most important aspects to consider. It is also important to look for materials which have less negative impact on the environment.
Looking for cheap construction materials? Meet the talented Kenyan entrepreneurs of Makiga Engineering Services in Kenya who have come up with low cost, ecofriendly and durable construction blocks which are 82% stronger than fired blocks. The production of the blocks rests on a unique manual machine which they invented that produces interlocking stabilized soil blocks.
The production and curing of the blocks is eco-friendly because the machine does not use any fuel therefore expect no carbon emissions.  The entrepreneurs offer aspiring home owners a cheap and durable building blocks option. They sell you the block producing machine and offer you training on how to make the produce and cure the blocks.

The blocks are produced in an interlocking manner and therefore reduce the amount of sand and cement needed in the construction of your house. The machines can also be used to produce tiles for your roofing.
Remember always plan ahead of your construction, do a survey on the available building materials in your locality, weigh your options and decide on the cheapest, durable and environmentally safe building materials.