Thursday, 12 February 2015

2015 DIY Projects for Your Home

 2015 continues with so many DIYs which affords us an opportunity to reinvent and recycle our old stuff, with DIYs there is no rule because there is no end to recycling possibilities.

While many might be of the idea that DIYs have become “clich├ęs” that is just a relative word that describes their taste and preference. If you like it use it. 

Here are some of my projects for this year.

Woolen lampshade.
  • Woolen yarn - the colour of your choice
  • Paper glue 
  • Starch    
  • Baloon  
 Mix the glue with starch in a bowl,soak the yarn for 5 minutes in the mixture then starting from the top making sure you leave space to fix the bulb wind the the yarn round the ball until you are satisfied with the texture.

Depending on whether you want more light or not you can keep adding the yarn to the ball. Place it on a smaller bowl and let it dry undisturbed for 3 days, then deflate the baloon carefully.

After drying

Enjoy and making it with your kids!