Thursday, 2 August 2012

Open Kitchen Ideas

A kitchen is the most important place in a home it’s a place where with interplay of heat and other culinary techniques flavors come together to create a hearty meal for your family and friends. The introduction of the modern open kitchen has led to more flexibility in terms of the positioning of the sinks, the cooking area, and the cabinets and even allows for families to spend time together while preparing and sharing meals. 

Open Shelves
 Open Kitchen with open shelves gives the kitchen a simple uncluttered look and makes it easy it easy to locate your spices and cutlery.

Small open kitchen
Having a small kitchen does not change the functionality of a kitchen, you can make use of the small space that you have and make the best out of it. Having an open kitchen combining your dining and cooking area can really help you get a functional and comfortable kitchen. The open shelves also go a long way in saving space taken up by built-in shelves.

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