Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Why Eco Friendly Paint?

With the ever growing realization on the impact of our activities on the environment, there is need to consider how construction materials affect the environment. Use of eco-friendly paints helps reduce carbon foot prints and these ripples to you saving money. Eco-friendly paints are water-based and are available in three types; clay paint, lime wash and milk paint.
The recent environmental hazard associated with traditional paints has led manufacturers to produce paint with less volatile organiccompounds which release emissions years after painting. The eco-friendly paints are generally latex-based and have fewer odour which reduce both indoor air pollution and smog.
Though this eco-friendly paints are generally more expensive and is still undergoing improvement, the long term and short term benefits of the same supersedes the cons. But we have to contend with the fact that these paints are not mostly suitable for exteriors due to the weather conditions, its washable therefore not long lasting and the fact that it’s expensive; while manufacturers find ways of producing long lasting cheaply available eco-friendly paint; all these for a good course- to protect our environment.


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  1. You’ll want to use green paints that meet all three better health requirements—low VOCs,
    low biocides, and natural pigments.

  2. Eco friendly paints are being used on a larger scale because of its environment friendly benefits.