Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Modern living room design ideas

The living room has changed in its functionalities and design over the years. It is the most popular place in the house where; visitors are entertained, families meet at the end of every day to relax after a long day of activities. It is therefore essential to decide on the functionality of the room, incorporate that into the design and decoration to ensure a comfortable atmosphere.

Choose colours that bring out the right atmosphere in your living room. Remember, the living room gives the next impression for the whole house design. Here are some living room design ideas.
White living room design
Modern living room design
Design for small living rooms
Cosy living room design
Curvacious -retro living room


Buying a house to rent?

If planning to buy a house then rent it out to tenants you must know that it comes with a fair share of risks and complications. Foremost to consider is the location of the house you are buying and the kind of tenants you intend to have. Many prefer families rather than students who may not readily pay up the rent; while this is reasonable, you need to realize that a tenant with a family will incur high maintenance costs of the house as compared to students.

  Many landlords face problems with tenants when it comes to rent payment, so you need to have a contingency stash for the mortgage repayments lest the bank repossess the house and for regular repair of the house. Compare the mortgage repayment and the expected rental prices to see whether you will break even and make profit. The rent should however be ideally enough to pay the monthly mortgage to the bank.

You need a lease agreement which stipulates the terms that govern the owner of the house and the tenant relevant to the asset under lease. The lease should cover important points that may form part of a conflict between the parties during the lease period.

You should by now prepare the house for renting. Get it cleaned, repainted, fixtures repaired and all safety hazards corrected.
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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Affordable solution to housing problem

All African countries are facing the problem of housing because of unemployment and underemployment. To an average income person the prospect of owning a house is a remote possibility. You have to think of getting land and the extreme costs that you have to incur.
Another setback is the unavailability and high costs of building materials considering the low incomes of the prospective home owners. All these; make many to shy away from the idea of owning a home.
What we can do is think of how we can make use of the available building resources without having to import, to reduce the cost of obtaining building materials. Increasing the prospects of developing building-materials industry for increased production of housing materials at a cheaper rate could work well in solving the housing problem.
African governments should be committed to the development and training of a workforce to cope with new housing technologies that have been adopted in other parts of the world, and formulate ways to adapt to the relevant building codes and regulations.
We can all solve the housing problem if we are ready to embrace new trendy ideas that can help you achieve your ideal home condition at an affordable cost. Choose an architect and designer that can help you work within your limited budget, and shop around for ideas that can use available resources.
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