Wednesday, 22 February 2012

How to choose the right tile for your house

Choosing the right tile for your floor my sound easy but there are some factors to consider before you select a specific floor tile. You must first be aware of the different range of flooring materials available and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Linoleum: Available in tiles or sheets of different colours and style. The Advantage of this type of tile is that; it has low maintenance, durable and mildew-resistant and does not trap dust or bacteria. The only disadvantage is that it does not suit all decors.

Ceramic tile: Available in huge selection of colours and style. Ceramic tile is good because it can be easily coordinated to tile backsplash. Its disadvantages are that it can easily chip and crack, can cause discomfort to the legs and back after standing for long. Not all tiles are equally wear- resistant therefore it is important to choose stronger ceramic tiles.

Vinyl: Available in tiles or sheets of different colours and styles. Vinyl is available cheaply and has low maintenance. Double-thick vinyl is ideal for wet surfaces like bathrooms. Its disadvantage is that it easily tears, scratches, stains and wear.

After looking at the few types of tile with the different pros and cons it is now important to consider the following before choosing the tile to use:
Which floor or room are you tiling?
You should take into consideration the traffic of the room because this will peg on the durability of the tile. If it is a play room, choose a tile that can easily be cleaned. For a kitchen and bathroom you need to choose tiles that are water-resistant, scuff proof, non-slip.
What colour and pattern of tile do you want?
Not all types of tiles come in different patterns and colour. Ceramic tiles are available in solid colours and patterns while other types come only in patterns.
What size and amount of tile do you need?
Most tiles are available in a standard size of 12 by 12 inches but you can find other smaller tile sizes of 10 by 10 and 8 by 8 inches. Another important thing to note is to always buy tiles enough for one room to ensure uniformity, because at times when you go back to the supplier you might not get the right size or shade of colour of the tiles you bought earlier.
What is your budget?
The quality of the tile you choose should be in line with your budget. It is always advisable to shop around for deals and offers, sales or clearance of tiles. Work with your budget and get the best quality, colour and pattern of tile you want in your house.
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  1. Hello! I just found your blog. Great job and welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Those tips are very helpful. Just to add, one quick tip I can share is to have a specific theme in mind. Basket weave tiles are ideal for traditional bathrooms. If you want to be a bit more artsy with your style, there are mosaic tiles in varied colors. But always remember that it is essential to choose good quality tiles.

    Alana Geikie