Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Six things to consider before buying furniture in your living room

A living room is the central point of a house. This room contains comfortable, relaxing furniture where the family gathers to relax after meals and where visitors are welcomed. Therefore, before buying any furniture or accessories for the living room you need to consider; how you want your living room to look like, comfort upkeep and space.There are six things you can consider before buying furniture for the living room:

Budget. The most important thing to consider before making any purchase is how much you want to spend. It is also helpful to shop around for the best deals and compare it with your budget, then you will not have to restrict yourself to showroom furniture while you can get the same quality at a discounted rate.
Functionality and style. Evaluating the purpose of the room is important in deciding the furniture you are buying. Will you have a study area in the living room? Do you entertain friends and visitors in the living room?  Do you enjoy playing games as a family in the living room? Then you need to buy furniture that best and comfortably suits the needs of your family.

Size of your living room. The size of your living room will dictate on the size of furniture and the number of pieces you can purchase. Make sure the size of the furniture balances with the space and functionality of the living room. The furniture you purchase should allow to pull all furniture away from the wall and leave you with space for people to walk around.
Your style and colour. In choosing furniture consider the clolour and style of the existing décor. The wall, tiles and carpet colours are important to consider. Your theme on the existing décor may be contemporary, traditional, or modern, all this needs to be considered.
Up keep of the furniture. You need to consider the upkeep of the furniture if you have children or pests. Leather is hard to maintain and small tears can diminish the overall outlook of the furniture. Upholstered furniture is easier to clean, it can be brushed or steam cleaned to remove stains.
Your comfort. Your living room should be very comfortable and tailored to your needs. While looking out for the latest trends in furniture it is also important to consider comfort. Upholstered furniture is more comfortable and cheap than leather. Leather tends to get hot and sticky in summer and cold in winter.

Choosing furniture that suits your decorating style, comfort and size of your living room, will make you become a more informed consumer who will be confident when entering a furniture store. You will be sure to find the kind of furniture you love and will enjoy for many years if you take time to consider your needs and wants.

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  1. How about the quality of the furniture? We consider different factors before buying furniture but we are still the same because we like furniture :)