Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Accessorize your house

You have painted your house and put furniture in it, but it is important to give your home a lot of personality with some unique decorative accessories. Make sure you select accessories that not only add colour, texture and style to your home’s décor but also serve several functionalities in the house.

1.  Skewer holder: You can accessorize your kitchen with unique skewer holders which serve a decorative purpose as well as storing your skewers.

2.  Mirrors: Mirrors are normally used to make the room bigger or focus on antiques which would have otherwise been invisible at different angles. A mirror’s reflection can also brighten a dark corner.

3.    Vases: Vases are a piece of art-work in itself but you can add to the vertical dimension of the room by throwing in flowers, dry reeds, or house plants.

4.    Bowls and Baskets: Brilliant-coloured bowls and baskets add to style of a space but also have functionality. You can do the cliché’ of organizing fresh fruit on a bowl or place your magazines in a basket to avoid clutter.

5.    Pillows: Pillows is one of the most common accessories for your house. Pillows can be used to add colour to a room filled with neutral colours or soften bright colours, they can also add character to a piece of furniture.

6.    Paintings and family photos: Mosaic art offer a therapeutic value while abstract painting creates a desired mood in the room. You have several forms of abstract painting for your choice; oil paintings, textured oil paintings and acrylic paintings.
Banana leaf mosaic

Abstract painting

7.    Candles and Candle holders:  Scented or unscented candles are used to affect the mood of a room even when they are not lit. The candles come in in different colours and shapes which are artistic.

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