Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Painting your Baby's Room

There has been a lot of research and studies performed on the psychology behind the colour of a baby room. While the colour that you paint your baby’s room is important, you should not make it more stressful than it needs to be.

You will spend a lot of time working with a colour wheel when you are selecting a paint colour for your baby room. The colour wheel is divided into two types of colours. Almost all of the colours on a colour wheel are either considered warm or cool. The warm section consists of shades of red and yellow. The cool section is made up of blue and green. Warm colours are considered stimulating and more welcoming than cool colours. However, cool colours can help soothe your senses.

The colour that you choose for your baby room is very important. Babies start perceiving the colours around them from birth. As they grow, their senses will be stimulated by the colours that are around them. You will want to create an environment in your baby room that stimulates learning and play. You may also want to promote a sense of calm in your baby.

Colour can trigger specific responses to on-lookers and inhabitants within a given space, and for that reason an approach to colour use that looks beyond mere aesthetical impressions should by all means be considered.

·         Take your nursery decorating style into account. Certain color schemes work better with certain styles. For instance grey and yellow would work in a modern nursery, while green and violet pastels would be more suited to a traditional style.

·         Think about your personal color preferences. Are there any colors that you particularly like or dislike? Write these down so that you can exclude or include them when you start looking at your baby room color wheel.

·         Look at the colors throughout your home. You may want to keep the baby nursery in line with these, (although this is a matter of choice, not necessity.)

·         Your baby's gender will help you to narrow your choice of colors down one more step.

·         Do you want to stick with tradition, (pinks and blues) or do you want something more modern?

·         Look at the size of your nursery room. If it is large you will want to make it cozy by using warm baby nursery paint colors such as red, pink, orange and yellow. Large rooms also accommodate the use of dark colors.

If your baby nursery is small you can make it appear larger by using cool colors such as blue and green or neutrals including white, cream, ivory, beige and brown. Be careful not to make the colors too dark. Monochromatic or single-color schemes also work well in a smaller room.

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