Wednesday, 5 March 2014

2014 Trending Interior Design Styles


Each year comes with new trends and styles some of which are old designs made new. The most enthralling thing is that design in this 21st Century is all about what you as a home owner wants. Many are going for personal styles which are unique to you and different from your neighbor’s blue curtains.

My mantra is whatever color, design and style you decide to use on your house…have fun while doing it.  Here are some of the common trends.

Metal finishes on furniture and wall hangings, kitchen fixtures, bathtubs, lamp stands and ornamental pieces are becoming more and more popular. Brass has the appealing look especially when done right, brass looks elegant. 

Personalized styles:
Home owners and consumers are becoming more comfortable with their own personalized styles. They’ll look for rooms with personality and a sense of timelessness; they pick from different styles and personalized items to echo their personality. People have different personalities some bold some cautious. 

Old is gold:
Vintage and classy styles are starting to be revisited; one-of-a-kind pieces. These are designed items that will last for years to come, since the style of these pieces has already lasted for over 50 years. Your grandmothers old chair or shelve.

Indoor and outdoor themes:
With many people living in cities and away from the serene nature, many are starting to merge indoor themes with outdoor themes. You need to have some plants and transitional features that will fuse your outdoor and indoor design flawlessly. This will ensure that you have a place for family and friends to gather and a comfortable seating area with that perfect outdoor theme.

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