Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Getting started with your bathroom


Who doesn’t want to take a shower or a bath in a clean cozy bathroom especially after a hard day’s work? Then let’s think of how we will make it work.  You can choose from the different styles of bathrooms available.

 Contemporary bathrooms give you sleek lines and a cool, clean look which create beautiful modern bathrooms.  A traditional bathroom adds traditional style and classic finishes to your bathroom, while a Country bathroom gives you well-worn finishes and unique accents create beautiful country baths.
Whichever your bathroom style let’s look at a guide of where to begin with your bathroom. For you to have a comfortable bathroom that meets your needs; you need to have a good bathroom layout.

Ultimately, your bathroom layout will depend on your budget, space and on existing plumbing. It easier to construct your drainage near existing plumbing; to avoid costs of moving plumbing lines. A caution though, is to avoid pipes in the exterior walls especially in cold areas as they can freeze and burst causing a disaster that may even cause you to bring down your whole house.

When thinking of sinks in your bathroom you may need to consider the functionality of your bathroom, how many people use the bathroom especially in the morning, could you have two separate sinks to enable two people get ready at the same time and save on your time? It all depends on such factors.

Most people think of a separate toilet compartment in order to achieve privacy. It is possible though to achieve comfort and privacy without having a wall compartment separating the bathroom and the toilet. You can use a privacy panel made of glass that obscures view without blocking light and uses little space.

Choose a bathroom counter top that is durable, capable of withstanding water, soap and cosmetics as well as give you ample space for morning rush hour in the bathroom. Remember this depends on your taste and budget.

The main consideration in bathroom flooring is moisture. You want to avoid carpeting and wood in your bathroom because these don’t go well with moisture. If you choose to use ceramic tiles, select a design that has texture to avoid slippage.

Lastly, when choosing a toilet for your bathroom, consider who the primary users of the toilet are and how often it will be used. If you have kids, what height and size should be ideal for them? All this consideration is invaluable if you are to have a bathroom that suits your style, budget and needs.

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