Monday, 27 May 2013

Whats trending in 2013 Interior Design

Each year begins with a new taste and design, this year we are moving towards vintage designs with a modernist touch.

Home owners have always been detached from the projects of their own home improvement; but not this year. The desire for people to express themselves has become even more popular than ever, you want to have colors, furniture and decor that reminds you of something fond, makes you smile.
Men working from home have now added their touch to interior design with less flashy colors and decor that they can connect with.
Old school is back! When our parents and grandparents used to knit and embroider. This handmade colorful pieces when fused with modern designs are simply homely.

Fabric covers, wall papers, paintings and graphic art with floral patterns and white background is trending this year; and gives your home a strong touch of romance and vibrancy.
We again go back to when we used to write on our walls while playing with our peers; graphic art mixes with interior design to create original wall imprints that conveys a unique impression.
If we are conscious about preventing surface run-off, creating a fresh aura in our homes, then green we go! green walls and roof tops are becoming popular this year. This is the best way of expressing and actualizing our desire to protect and conserve our environment.  

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