Monday, 4 June 2012

Eco friendly kitchen tips and appliances

Using eco friendly kitchen appliances can help save much when it comes to paying your electricity bill. Choose appliances that save on energy as well as has no negative effect on the environment. Here are some tips and alternatives in saving energy:
·         Choose the right size of fridge that meets your needs, not too small not too big
·         Keep fridges away from source of heat to reduce the amount of energy it uses
·         Keep fridges a few centimeters away from the wall
·         Common of all; allow food to cool first before keeping it in the refrigerator
While electric and gas cookers have their pros and cons we can reduce the carbon foot print in the kitchen by following some simple tips.
·         Cover food when cooking to prevent heat loss therefore cooking your food faster.
·         After food has boiled keep your heat on low to avoid wasting energy
·         When cooking cereals, soak before hand to reduce cooking time.
·         Use the oven light to check the doneness of the food instead of opening the door each time.
·         If you have an outdoor garden where you do barbecues use energy saving jikos which use less coal but produces the same amount of energy required


  1. Great Eco-friendly tips to save your electricity bill.

  2. i love the tips. its so very helpful and very informative..i love the blog that you have posted. thanks a lot for the wonderful tips