Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Want to buy a house-Beware of inferior furnishings

Purchasing an already built and furnished house may seem the easiest thing to do considering the time and hustles of constructing a house. But before you purchase that house that may seem like everything you ever wanted, take some time to consider a few important things beyond size, style and price.

Remember that the model house in the showroom may not be the same house you are purchasing. Many unsuspecting buyers after inspecting the showroom house make a decision to buy a house, not knowing that most of the houses are constructed with similar but inferior materials which deteriorate after a few months.

Visit the house more than once and make sure you get a professional to inspect the house. Virtually all houses have defects, some of which are curable, so knowing this beforehand will help you negotiate for the best price considering what you will spend to cure the defects.

Get a detailed record of the past improvements and the furnishings used, this will help you be forewarned if cheaper furnishings were used, therefore the need to re-furnish sooner than later.

Quiz the sellers to make sure you have detailed information of all the faults of the house. Make sure you buy a house form a reputable agent.

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