Friday, 16 March 2012

Painting your old furniture

Wood furniture can last long if taken care of properly. Imagine you have received vintage old furniture that was passed down from your great grandmother but the colour and shade does not blend with your décor yet you can’t just throw it. The easy solution is to paint it.
Don’t worry about looking for a professional painter to help you out; you can do it yourself by following some simple tips:
Preparation- Like any other painting job, you need proper preparation to avoid a marred-finished look on your furniture. Sand and clean your furniture then spread newspaper on the floor to avoid unwanted stains.
Apply primer- For best results in painting; you first need to apply an oil based primer before applying any paint.
Paint- You may opt to use a roller rather than a brush because rollers allow paint to stick better than a brush. Use a roller to apply paint, taking different coats until you get the desired colour ad effect.
Drying- Allow paint to dry before finding its place in your house. Don’t be discouraged if for the first time you do not get the desired effect, each time you do it you get better results.
Remember to always use large strokes for large flat surfaces in order to get a smooth glossy finish. Always paint in a well aired and ventilated area to avoid inhaling the toxins from the paint.
For best wood paint brands: Benjamin Moore® and Sherwin Williams®, Glidden®, Behr®, or Dutch Boy®,  GreenSure, by Sherwin Williams.

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